Shaniqua Arts uses Temptu products

We understand that as the digital world evolves, so must it's make-up. As the authority in high-definition make-up, Temptu have pioneered the use of airbrush technology to achieve perfect coverage in an unforgiving new medium.

CAMERA-READY YET NATURAL-LOOKING With hi-def technology everywhere you turn ~ not just television but cameras, phones, and online photo albums as well ~ you never know when you’re going to have your red-carpet moment. AIRbrush creates a breathable, natural- looking finish that looks flawless in photos, videos, at work, and out on the town.
VERSATILITY & PRECISION With AIRbrush, you have your choice of settings for sheer, medium, and full coverage ~ perfect for a variety of blending, contouring, and highlighting effects ~ giving you extreme versatility. Plus you’ll benefit from a newfound precision impossible to achieve with fingers, sponges, and old-fashioned applicators.
COVERAGE & CORRECTION AIRbrush makes it possible for you to achieve levels of coverage and correction. Our colour-balancing formulas, when used with our patent-pending devices, deliver such fine-tuned blending, you won’t know where your skin ends and your make-up begins.
HYGIENE & EFFICIENCY When you use AIRbrush, you can say good-bye to big messes and dirty brushes. Because make-up tools won’t ever come into contact with your skin, and your liquid make-up is never actually left open to breed bacteria. Plus, with our ultra-fine, ultra-efficient mist, you’ll achieve full-face application with a minimal amount of product.


Temptu, the brand of choice for the world’s top make-up professionals and their most discerning clients, has been producing innovative cosmetics for over twenty-five years. Temptu began as the project of Dr. Samuel Zuckerman, an award-winning chemist and authority on colour cosmetics whose successes included developing the Origins line for Estee Lauder and putting the stripe in Aquafresh toothpaste. For the 1981 cult classic film Tattoo, Dr. Zuckerman developed the original Temptu paint formula and tattoo ink transfer, which became an overnight success with Hollywood make-up professionals.
In the process of creating a superior tattoo transfer ink, Dr. Zuckerman and his son discovered that the same formulas could be used to manufacture an exceptional line of long-lasting, skin-safe body paints and cosmetics, giving birth to the Temptu brand. 

In 1996, Temptu launched the Temptu Pro division, introducing Temptu classic AQUA™ and DURA™
lines marking Temptu’s foray into airbrush make-up. As one of the first cosmetic houses to introduce airbrush application foundation, Temptu make-up quickly built a reputation in the professional community for superior quality, longevity, and ease of application. In 2002, Temptu introduced the groundbreaking silicone-based formula known as S/B™, whose unparalleled flawless finish made it an instant classic with make-up and beauty pros. Today, Temptu is the only professional cosmetic house with three airbrush formulations, the most diverse in the industry.

Temptu is a privately owned cosmetic house, with offices in New York and Los Angeles and distribution throughout the world. Temptu products can be found gracing the faces and bodies of movie stars, supermodels and cultural icons in feature films and television, in top Broadway productions, and under the tents at New York Fashion Week.
Temptu shares an intimate relationship with the industry’s top make-up artists and professionals who use the products at the forefront of the image industry. Gathering the feedback of the best artisans out there, Temptu has been able to develop the leading professional products on the market and become the industry’s gold standard.
Temptu has soared past its roots to become a diverse cosmetic house and a major player in pro make-up, renowned for producing the highest quality cosmetics and standing at the vanguard of a rapidly changing industry.

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